• We believe that quality is a measurable quantity.
  • This measure of success is defined by the customer.
  • We believe that this measure of success must be achieved every time, on every project for every customer.



NetGlo Customization

Our comprehensive solutions are fully customized to your existing processes.

The first step in building a solution, that will meet the unique needs of your business, is to capture how your current processes are executed. NetGlo's Services Group will then work with your company to translate these processes into a set of requirements that incorporate NetGlo's state of the art warehouse and production management technologies.

Seven Steps to a Quality System:

  1. Capture your company's unique requirements.
  2. Design specifications that meet the needs of your organization.
  3. Generate a System Requirements Specification document.
  4. Rapidly build your system using NetGlo's flexible architecture.
  5. Thoroughly unit and system test your system.
  6. Deploy your system either on your premises or hosted by NetGlo.
  7. Optimize your system via usability tests.