Millions of dollars are wasted annually in a typical production plant -- but with so many hands in the production process, it's hard to determine the biggest sources of waste and inefficiency. 

Errors in the production process only compound as these errors pass through from the plant to the customer.  Hours are wasted -- days later -- as managers try to identify the source of the problem.  By that time the evidence has long since disappeared from the floor.

Our systems flag errors at the moment they occur, while the root cause conditions are still lingering and can be captured.

The NetGloDepotTrac™ platform consists of hardware and software.  It manages and tracks production accountability end-to-end including incoming dock management, warehouse storage, production planning, recipe management, computerized mixing and scaling, wrapping, palletizing, shipping and outgoing dock management.

NetGlo will customize the platform to include only those modules necessary at the customer site.  Data can be entered into our platform either manually, using NetGlo’s scanners/sensors/forklift PCs or by integrating NetGlo to pre-existing hardware and software systems.  Our portfolio includes multi-model hardware so that the user can be directed either using visual displays or a hands-free voice recognition based device.

NetGlo's complete end-to-end tracking platform for food production --  consisting of the modules described in the section below -- brings accountability to the process.