Order Entry (NetGloAgent™) As An On-Line Hosted Model

NetGloAgent clearly demonstrates the power of using Voice Recognition, Web Based and Text Based channels for order management.

• Reduce expenses: Increase efficiency by allowing our platform to manage customer orders – via phone/web/text during night, weekends, holidays or during staff shortages. Plus it’s easier, more accurate, inexpensive and also keeps a record of what the customer ordered. Fewer returns, less waste – reduce order entry cost from $1.25 to less than $0.25 per order.

• Increase sales: Our system will automatically call your customers to take their orders, to alert them of specials, delays due to truck breakdowns or changes due to upcoming holidays. Your people are now free to help grow new sales – not just take orders.

• Efficient warehousing operations & inventory: Use the platform to expedite unloading of trailers and loading of route trucks.

• Eliminate customers on hold: NetGloAgent works in parallel with your existing call center staff. It can either be the only order taker on weekends and nights or work in conjunction with your existing order entry staff and provide relief during peak times.

This platform can also be used to update inventory by simply talking into a phone; increase efficiency in loading Route Trucks or contacting customers regarding promotions or payment issues.