NetGlo Mission Statement

NetGlo taps global technology and service resources to improve the competitive and operational efficiencies of our customers.

NetGlo is committed to providing a rewarding working environment to our corporate team, an attractive return to our investors and a demonstrable short-term payback to our customers.


NetGlo Corporation prides itself on offering its customers world-class capability in Information Technology (IT) development and IT systems.  Our products have handled hundreds of thousands of order adjustment calls and helped process hundred  of millions of manufactured units.

As a recipient of the 2016 IBIE “Best-in-Baking” award, our platform’s ability to increase accountability and reduce waste is recognized by independent experts in the food manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to tap the best international talent and methodologies in information technology and bring it to the service of our clients.  We proudly set ourselves apart with our command of leading edge technologies and our ability to utilize these leading edge technologies to serve the exact needs of our clients in simple ways – in other words, we understand that the appeal of a new service and product is greatly influenced by its Ease of Use.

NetGlo uses state of the art techniques in Project Management to control critical path tasks and to track project costs.  These techniques include Risk Management processes to statistically identify Project Risks and if appropriate, place Action Plans for Risk Mitigation

Our managers include people who have led large multifunctional teams in corporations such as Verizon, Texas Instruments, Bank of America and Microsoft.  These managers are highly experienced in using state-of-the-art Human Factor design and Ergonomics to increase Ease of Use of complex technical products. 

Our product portfolio demonstrates our strength and focus in providing high value IT systems to the food manufacturing verticals.  These products range from voice recognition based order entry platforms to warehouse management using wireless/voice recognition mobile sets.